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National Psychedelic Practitioner Certification Board


The Board of Psychedelic Medicine and Therapies (BPMT1) is a not-for-profit entity dedicated to: 

  1. Creating board certification for psychedelic medicine practitioners and 

  2. Educating practitioners, the health care system, and potential consumers about the inherent value of the certification process. 

Why is a Board of Psychedelic Medicine and Therapies needed? 

As an emerging field in healthcare, psychedelic medicine has no current metrics to assess skill and competency. This certification will be used by healthcare systems, insurance companies, and even state regulators to assess a professional level of competency for practitioners in this arena. The certification process will be accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA); this is the fastest path to insurance carrier recognition and reimbursement. This external review and endorsement by the NCCA are critical steps in the process of validation and meaningful acceptance of psychedelic medicine and therapies. 

To achieve this goal, a certification test will assess the skills and knowledge tailored to therapeutic work with psychedelic medicines, in particular MDMA and psilocybin. Practitioners who pass will be credentialed as a Board-Certified Psychedelic Practitioner (BCPP). This credential will identify those healthcare providers who are qualified to treat mental disorders using approved psychedelic medicines and therapy practices. The BCPP designation confirms that certified practitioners have met the requirements for certification through initial assessment and periodic recertification. 

For more information, contact:  Scott Shannon (

                                                 Kirk Marckwald (

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